Rob Carnegie

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Rob Carnegie

Community activists dedicated to public education and the preservation of technology heritage.

The Chilliwack/FV Retro-Computing Association is a non-profit association chartered in 2016 with a commitment to community education in modern technology using a focus on retro and vintage computing. The computers produced in the early 1980s foster a deeper understanding due to their simplicity and accessibility. These can be easily disassembled, modified and programmed thanks to the low cost, rudimentary construction techniques and minimal operating system overhead. Our members preserve and share these systems with the community and further, demonstrate how modern technologies can allow us to enhance the capability and our comprehension of how digital components interact.

Meetings free to attend and held every month on a schedule announced in our Facebook presence at:

Non-Profit and Clubs, Education, Mentor, Market: Local

  • Year Started: 2016
  • Founder(s): Rob Carnegie and Alex Dumitru