MAKE Industrial Design, Avi Inc.

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MAKE Industrial Design, Avi Inc.

Industrial Designer with a passion for lighting

Founder of industrial design consulting firm MAKE, novel consumer products company Avi Inc., and innovative lighting company LOOM Inc., with broad experience in aerospace, transportation, consumer products, injection moulding, thermoforming, machining, casting, medical & biotechnology, food processing, home and garden, housewares, and lighting. Designed products for Bombardier Aerospace, Philips, Avi, Loom Inc., Haworth, IDM, Biazzo, Zimmer, Qiagen.


Engineering, Clean Tech, Mentor, Market: International

  • Twitter: @smartspool
  • LinkedIn: loomlight
  • Year Started: 1998
  • Founder(s): Matthew Kennedy
  • Employees in Chilliwack: 1