Kerkhoff Technologies Inc

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Kerkhoff Technologies Inc

We provide tools, processes, and consulting services for IT Professionals. This win/win format enables inhouse IT departments to focus on the core business of their company while security is still taken care of.

Our Windows Managed Services team delivers our standardized technology stack (Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery, Wireless, and more) to organizations in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.

Our Linux/DevOps team works with software developers to make them 10X more efficient through automation, automated testing, continuous integration, and senior Linux engineering expertise. See for more info.


Information and Communication Tech, Market: International

  • Twitter: @wimkerkhoff
  • LinkedIn: wimkerkhoff
  • Year Started: 2007
  • Founder(s): Wim Kerkhoff
  • Employees in Chilliwack: 7
  • Employees outside Chilliwack: 1