Loom Inc.

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Loom Inc.

Industrial Designer with a passion for lighting

Founder of innovative lighting company LOOM Inc., with broad experience in aerospace, transportation, consumer products, injection moulding, thermoforming, machining, casting, medical & biotechnology, food processing, home and garden, housewares, and lighting. Designed products for Bombardier Aerospace, Philips, Avi, Loom Inc., Haworth, IDM, Biazzo, Zimmer, Qiagen.

Website: www.loom.lighting

Clean Tech, Engineering, Mentor, Market: International

  • Twitter: @Loom_Lighting
  • LinkedIn: loomlight
  • Year Started: 2016
  • Founder(s): Matthew Kennedy
  • Employees in Chilliwack: 1
  • Employees outside Chilliwack: 2