Yuval Uriel

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Yuval Uriel

Transform Your Concept to a Product Prototype --- Hardware and Software Design and Prototyping --- Located in the Fraser Valley

My firm, Signal Integrity Electronics, designs and prototypes electronic devices on contract basis. We take pride in the variety of networked embedded controllers we designed and brought to production for our corporate clients. Signal Integrity Electronics has been operating from Mission, BC since 1997. During the past two decades we created hardware, firmware, software and complete product lines for a number of companies in BC and Saskatchewan. Our clients are both start-ups and established manufacturers in the industrial, agricultural and medical sectors.

Website: www.2designelectronics.com

Engineering, Mentor, Market: National

  • LinkedIn: yuvaluriel
  • Year Started: 1997
  • Founder(s): Yuval and Yolande Uriel
  • Employees outside Chilliwack: 2