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The 18th Camel - Coaching & Consulting Ltd

Steve works with business leaders in visioneering their tomorrow for even greater business success

I’ve had several coaches and met many over my successful career. All had great HR, people development skills and more, but none had C-Suite experience … and this is the missing magic ingredient I offer that makes the winning difference!

This rare CEO + Coaching expertise provides me with the unique ability to empathise with your many challenges AND provide you with practical, proven-in-field coaching expertise to take your leadership to where you want it to be, and staying future fit as a leader.

I now have coaching clients around the world from: Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, England, Greece, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Before dedicating myself to executive leadership coaching, I had the privilege of being a CEO for many years. I worked hand-in-hand, coached and mentored many talented people, to organically build the most successful research consultancy across 21 countries in the Middle East & N. Africa; what many call “tough turf”.

I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve stepped up to make the tough calls, launched new products & services, opened new markets, hired great people, lead strategic boards, delivered cultural shift programs, managed huge stress & time pressures, learned how to do more with less, balanced strategic and emotional needs, built winning teams, and embraced my failures.


Education, Market: International

  • LinkedIn: stevehamiltonclark
  • Year Started: 2015
  • Founder(s): Stephan Hamilton-Clark
  • Employees in Chilliwack: 1
  • Employees outside Chilliwack: 1