Demian Brecht

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Demian Brecht

Breaking things since the 90's. Software developer with a focus on security and distributed systems.

I love software engineering, what can I say? I'm one of those guys who can stare into the abyss of a terminal prompt and vim, gdb and pdb all day and be happy with it.

Over 16 years professional development experience including internal web systems, game (front end, gameplay, networking) to backend distributed systems for gaming (Demonware, backend services for games such as Call of Duty, scaling to 2.5 million concurrent users) as well as business services (Salesforce). Currently focused on security and authentication.

Open source advocate and contributor. Contributing member of the PSF (Python Software Foundation). Member of the Open Source team at Salesforce, working on making OSS contributions more streamlined for companies at scale.

Mentor, Market: Local