Phoenix Designs

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Phoenix Designs

Phoenix Designs (PD) taps new technology to efficiently custom manufacture beautiful wood products.

By combining elements of beauty and creativity with new/developing technologies (primarily CNC machining, but also information management, CAD, AI, AGI, e-commerce, product marketing and delivery) Phoenix Designs (PD) can maximize the efficiency of manufacturing and business processes in order to create high-quality, low-cost wooden products. Customer make their PD product unique by choosing features such as size, colours, surface texture, and images/patterns. Each PD product falls within one of four product lines - Play (toys and games), Paddle (canoe and kayak paddles), Panel (space/privacy dividers), and Picture (decorative and/or functional artwork). PD is a vertically integrated business, with raw materials in at one end and a fully complete wood product out at the other.

Engineering, Market: International

  • Twitter: @MWR5469
  • Year Started: 2024
  • Founder(s): Matthew Redekop
  • Employees in Chilliwack: 1