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Branding: Name, Logo, etc.

Colin Schmidt
Created: November 17, 2016

We had a good discussion about these topics during our meeting yesterday, but it now requires further discussion from the group


There are really several things we are discussing here: the meetup group, this website, and the larger community as it grows. We need to build a common brand among all these things, and future things, that helps people recognize the efforts of the entire community.


Based on what I heard last night at the meeting, it is my suggestion that the meetup group and this website stick with the name Chilliwack Tech Meetup / Website. My reason for this is that I believe we need to stick with the terminology that the government and media use. You can ask a news site for stories from the Tech Industry, and journalists use the term Tech Industry all the time. Likewise, there are well known terms like Biotech and Cleantech, that further entrench the word tech. We then have partner organizations like ACETECH and SRCTec using tech in the name.

The shared community brand could of course be broader, and consensus last night seemed to sway towards the word Innovation instead of Tech. For discussions sake, we said that we would be open to other suggestions over the next few days yet, and further comments; especially from those who could not make it to the meeting. Personally, my vote remains with the word tech, for above reasons, but let’s hold a vote by early next week.

Brand Ownership / Licensing

I suggest that CEPCO develop and own the copyright on the logo, but grants permission to use that logo as freely as possible, considering the Boulder Theses teaches us to be 100% inclusive of everyone’s efforts.

Wrap up

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November 18, 2016 | Wim Kerkhoff

My vote is to stay with Tech as well.

There could be events or initiatives around "Innovation" or "Growth" that appeal to non-tech audiences, and/or undertaken in partnership with other groups.

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