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BC Tech Summit Investment Showcase

Matt Kennedy
Created: January 13, 2017
Modified: September 4, 2018

Pitch your venture to elite investors

Apply to pitch at the #BCTECH Summit’s Investment Showcase, an exclusive event on March 15. The Investment Showcase attracts local and international investors who are ready to hear and invest in BC’s hottest tech companies.

Looking for investments to grow your company? Apply if your company:

Has a technology solution, customer traction and global market opportunity to transform industries.
Is in a key technology sector, including web, digital media, traditional IT, IoT, clean tech, life sciences, digital health, and more.
Is born, made and has operations in BC
A selection committee of savvy local and international investors including representatives from Avrio Capital, BDC, Evok Innovations, Pangaea Ventures will pre-select 40 BC tech stars. The selected companies have the opportunity to present a 15-minute pitch on March 15th. Last year more than 180 investors attended this invite-only event at the inaugural #BCTECH Summit.

The Investor Showcase is your chance to access and shine in front of local and international investors in one spot, on one day.

If you're interested in pitching, apply by January 18. Visit the #BCTECH Summit website for more information.


April 9, 2018 | Ethan Scott

Hey everyone.
I am Ethan and I am a stock broker and I am planning to build my own startup which analyses stock trends and gives investment decisions.
Having said that, I obviously am in need for funds.I am not exactly from BC. So it is not feasible for me to attend the conference at my will, since I have a job and I need to have a source of income.
Either way, I am building an app which will tell you how to invest in share market, what kind of trend the market is following, when to invest, which company is going public and what not. It will be a paid service of 3 different levels and 3 variants of services offered.
I am planning to include a few different markets from around the world. Maybe start off with one and then expand.
So here is the thing. I am looking for investors, but I am also looking for people to pair up with. If anyone is interested in this please let me know somehow and maybe we can work up a deal over the phone.
Thank you!!

September 4, 2018 | Genkap Levis

Hi Friends,

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we are searching for investors and we will join them our market awareness programs. Anyone can start investing with the few days learning. Thank you!!

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