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Highlights from the #BCTech Summit

Colin Schmidt
Created: March 23, 2017

Here are a few highlights

100,000+ Families in BC are fed by High Tech companies

  • More than Oil, Gas, and Mining combined
  • 9000 Companies
  • Salaries are 70% higher than other industries

Canada has the 2nd largest entrepreneur ecosystem in the world

  • But not enough of those companies scale up

Just 1 Data Point: Over 2000 startups in Canada are using Microsoft BizSpark

  • IBM is starting a similar program now, that includes Watson

86% of CEOs in all industries believe that going digital is their #1 priority

Startup in Residence Pilot

  • BC Government will start a companies that operates inside the government to build new solutions that they need themselves, then release those companies into the public to commercialize it

Washington – BC, Cascadia Corridor

  • Commitment from both WA & BC to make it easier for people and companies to work cross-border

BC Innovation Network to connect California

  • A well known professor from UBC is heading up a delegation that will make it easier for BC companies to network with companies in Silicon Valley

High Tech immigration visas will have a guaranteed two week processing time by June 2017

  • A new idea that is gaining traction: Get a PHD in Canada, get your citizenship with it

BCBid Resources just launched

  • Huge resource to help understand the BCBid system, as well as what is not in the BCBid system

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