Wisebox Solutions

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Wisebox Solutions

Software and technology company that provides a robust platform with a proven track record for marketplaces, eCommerce, CRM, and business process automation

Whether you are a new startup taking off, or optimizing your business model for growth, solutions by Wisebox will empower you to differentiate and win. After being acquired by i-Open Group, Wisebox developed and brought to market eight new lines of business in only three years, and has now become a Zynim Venture

Our Moxie.Build Web/API Development Platform is an in-memory relational database, with a native-code CMS, and comes with a powerful runtime environment

Website: wisebox.solutions

Information and Communication Tech, Ag Tech, Mentor, Market: International

  • Twitter: @colin_schmidt
  • LinkedIn: colin-schmidt
  • Year Started: 2004
  • Founder(s): Colin Schmidt
  • Employees in Chilliwack: 3
  • Employees outside Chilliwack: 5