Zynim Inc.

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Zynim Inc.

Empowering teams with transformative SaaS, local expertise, and global talent

Our Ventures division partners with established companies to create transformative software as a service, while our Talent division accelerates your development using local expertise and global talent. Our Outsight division offers mentorship, an engaging up-to-date startup accelerator, and a proven growth program in partnership with angels and venture capital.

Just some of the ventures we've invested in include: Chamber Market, DirectFood.store, Stablebuzz, and MSA Labs LIMS.

Zynim is ready to help you navigate this new world of AI, blockchain, web3, the metaverse, and quantum computing. We are excited to begin empowering your team to accomplish more.

Website: zynim.com

Information and Communication Tech, Angel and Venture Capital, Mentor, Angel, Market: International